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Calendula and Honey Butter Lip Balm

This ayurvedic lip balm is made with organic ghee for healing, moisturising and lightening, along with the goodness of almond oil and jojoba oil to make it a perfect lipcare for dry weather & keep lips soft and supple. Weight : 3.5 gm

Hibiscus & Honey Lip Balm

Soultree Prepared with fresh extracts of Hibiscus, Wild Honey, Organic Ghee and 7 essential oils, this tintless lip balm infuses moisture and heals your lips. Made with authentic Ayurvedic formulation, it is free of toxic ingredients, artificial colours and fragrances. Weight : 3.5 gm

Lotus & Kokum Butter Lip Balm

Lotus and Kokum Butter Lip Balm helps to restore moisture and soothe the dry and chapped lips. A blend of organic ghee, Kokum butter and 7 essential oils, the lip balm makes the lips soft and supple. The lip balm is free from harmful chemicals. Weight : 3.5 gm

Viola & Kokum Butter Lip balm

Ayurvedic formula, Deeply Hydrating, Soothes dry & flaky lips, No tint, No Artificial colors, No synthetic colors, No added fragrances. Weight : 3.5 gm